2013 - Hannah Brown

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I just wanted to send you both another quick update about my time in Uganda. Right now I am living in the capital, Kampala, interning in the political section of the U.S. Embassy. Currently, I am working on a big female empowerment and gender equality project that was sparked after Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni made a statement at the United Nations General Assembly this year that Uganda had achieved the Millenium Development Goal of successfully promoting women's rights. 

A recent survey noted that 80% of Ugandan men still believe it is okay to beat their wives. Since then, I have been busy meeting with Ugandan women from the government, the business sector, civil society, and academia to get their views and opinions on the matter in order to capture the "real story" regarding female empowerment and gender equality here. I have met some amazing women doing amazing things here and I have been attending a lot of events. For example, next week I am attending a Women's Mentor Walk in Kampala!

I plan to spend my last two weeks in December in Uganda back up in the rural town of Patongo to volunteer again with Patongo Community Counseling Outreach (PCCO), where I was based for the first few months of my Global Studies internship. They have asked me to come back to help them conduct two needs assessment surveys and work on a couple of project proposals—one to combat sexual and gender-based violence and the other to improve the quality of youth education, placing a special emphasis on girl-child empowerment.

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