Laura Cadwell and Kerri Kowsky

2013 Sports Interns

Laura Cadwell, Rick Payne, Taggart Malone, Kerri Kowsky and Pat Chiota

What did you enjoy most about the Leadership Through Sports internship?


  • The independence to mold and create our own unique program.
  • Watching the development of the girls and the bonds that we created with them …There were “breakthrough moments when we saw that we made a positive impact. 
  • Becoming and being a positive role model for the girls.
  • The final field trip where the UCSB Triathlon Team held a swim clinic for the girls at the UCSB Recreation pool.
  • The feeling that we left with a desire to continue helping or striving to help under-privileged youth.


I learned much more from these girls that I worked with than I ever expected. After all, I was supposed to be the role model for them. These girls truly broadened my perspective. They face incredible challenges in their lives, such as missing parent figures, but still maintain happiness and appreciation. Their courage, bravery, and attitude towards certain life events are astoundingly magnificent.”

The girls ran a mile on a weekly basis in their P.E. class. Each time Laura and I would pair up to run it with a girl from our Girls’ Club. Our aim was to help each of them achieve a personal record.  Each time that we pushed a girl to meet her goal was incredibly rewarding for both them and us. The girls were very thankful for all our encouragement and active dedication.

…We really made an effort to be an active, positive person in their lives. Laura and I attended the girls’ school play and graduation ceremony.  We brought cards and flowers to both of these events to congratulate the girls on their accomplishments. You could tell it meant a great deal to them. 

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