Kendra Chiota Payne Memorial Fund

The Kendra Chiota Payne Memorial Awards are funded by a memorial endowment created from the donations of family, friends, and teammates of Kendra Chiota Payne, UCSB Class of 2006. The Memorial Fund that supports these awards is administered by the UCSB Foundation. 

The Fund supports two types of internships - the first to promote Leadership for Young Women through Sports and the second to help support a Global Studies graduate student in an overseas internship with an NGO working for the economic advancement of women and children in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Awards that make a difference in people’s lives

The Kendra Chiota Payne Global Studies Award is intended to foster a sense of global citizenship and to promote leadership in international service. The recipient should embody the spirit of character, leadership, and service that was the hallmark of Kendra’s life. 

During the past 10 years, the Kendra Chiota Payne Memorial Fund has made a difference in people’s lives by supporting internships for Global Studies graduate students in Cambodia, Chile, Colombia, Indonesia, Jordan, Rwanda, South Africa, Taiwan, and Uganda. 

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Javiera Madrid-Salazar with Bill Clinton at the Clinton Foundation

In 2016, Javiera Madrid-Salazar received the Global Studies Award and spent her internship at the Clinton Foundation and in Santiago Chile.  Javiera worked with Haitian immigrants to help them integrate into the local society.  She subsequently worked with an NGO in China helping Tibetan communities to adapt to Climate Change and also to support those families that have moved to the cities. She plans to to pursue a career in the non-profit sector, particularly working to advance migrants' access to their basic rights.

In past years, UCSB Global Studies award recipients have focused their internships on such diverse topics as human trafficking of Vietnamese women in Taiwan, midwifery services for underprivileged mothers in Indonesia, the experiences of refugees returning to Cambodia, and the lives of child soldiers of the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda. Award recipients have gone onto careers of community service in both the private and public sector.

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The Kendra Chiota Payne Leadership for Young Women through Sports Internship is awarded annually to a UCSB student who works to develop programs and activities for local, under-served girls to experience the personal growth, leadership and character development that participation in sports can bring. Interns work with girls at a local Santa Barbara elementary school to help instill confidence and encourage leadership through active participation in sports. 

This year’s recipients, Isabelle Rodriguez and Kelsey McMorrow, will be working with young girls at the St George Youth Center in Isla Vista. This brings the total number of interns since 2006 to 17.

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Rick and Pat with the 2017 Sports Interns - Isabelle Rodriguez and Kelsey McMorrow –

in front of the St George Youth Center where they interned

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