Sports Interns

The Kendra Chiota Payne Leadership for Young Women through Sports Internship began in 2007. Each year one or two UCSB students have been working with young, under-served girls at local elementary schools. In 2018, the students interned at the Foothill Elementary School in Goleta.

This internship has been awarded to the following students:

2018 - Araceli Huerta and Dajung (DJ) Oh

2017 - Isabelle Rodriguez and Kelsey McMorrow 

2016 - Maria Ragusa and Diamond Chestnut

2015 - Jennifer Atkinson and Krista Pezella

2014 - Layne Francis and Morgan Bacchus

2013 - Kerri Kowsky and Laura Cadwell

2012 - Sarah Eadie and Claire Davis

2011 - Kristina Egbert 

2010 - Nelly Alcantar 

2009 - Ashley Santos 

2008 - Francine Pelka

2007 - Erin Hinga

Please read about past recipients’ experiences during their internship by clicking on their names.

Laura Cadwell and Kerri Kowsky

Kerri and Laura share their experience as Sports Interns at the Isla Vista Elementary School.

Nelly Alcantar

Nelly talks about her life growing up as a daughter of migrant workers and why giving back to the community is so important to her.

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